The Yatsugatake area is a resort area from the Old Stone Age?

  To unravel the regional strategy of Hokuto-shi

Yatsugatake area rich in tourism resources

In the vicinity of the southern foot of Yatsugatake, it is said that in the past many ruins from the Paleolithic Age to the Jomon Period were excavated. I wanted to see the history of the past long ago and visited the archaeological museum of Hokuto city, the ethnographic museum of Minami-Maki village, the Yadegawa ruins of the Old Stone Age and others. In this era, obsidian seems to be useful as a sharp weapon for hunting and a tool for cooking. Speaking of obsidian in the vicinity of the Kanto district, Wada Pass located northeast of Lake Suwa is famous. I asked the curator at the museum. Ancient people who visited this area from the southwestern part of the Kanto Plain seemed to not only collect obsidian, but also some who migrated for deer hunting, fruit harvesting, and summer vacation. DNA as a resort site from 20 thousand years ago may be creating the comfort of this area.

I found a big parabolic antenna while on the move. That was Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory (National Astronomical Observatory).  Since Nobeyama of clear pile of air is suitable for observation, large and small parabolic antennas are being constructed. I was overwhelmed by the scale of staring at the far side of the universe. The light that reaches from far away stars says that it tells the history of the star of the star. It can be said that the area around Yatsugatake is a place where you can feel the traces of ancient times of various stars including the Earth.

On the other hand, Yamanashi Prefecture is also a region rich in solar radiation in the country. For this reason, attention was focused as a suitable place for photovoltaic power generation, and a demonstration experiment site of photovoltaic power generation was built along the central highway in Hokuto City in 2006. Since then, at the southern foot of Yatsugatake, scenic fields and forests were destroyed and many power plants were built. We hear that many of them are installed for tax cuts and short term investment purposes. In fact, from the new power plant built, I can not even remember the scenic scenery of the scenic cabbage field so far. Now, it become a major social problem as a living environment and destruction of the natural environment.

 Image of Yatsugatake sightseeing strategy

Fuji and the Southern Alps, the area around Yatsugatake is easy to access to popular tourist destinations such as Karuizawa and Lake Suwa, resort development has been taking place over a long period of time. The area around Yatsugatake that has Fuji and the Southern Alps with a wonderful location is easy to access to popular tourist destinations such as Karuizawa and Lake Suwa, resort development has been taking place over a long period of time. In addition, majestic plateau, such as Utsukushigahara, Tateshina, Kirigamine, Kurumayama, connected by sightseeing mountain road, attracts a lot of people.

I have been asked about regional strategy from Yatsugatake agriculture business. At that time, I remembered with a business model of Google. The core is the young people in the field who practice agriculture. The core people are young people in the field who practice agriculture. By incorporating people who visit, I think that you can tell the attractiveness of Yatsugatake specifically to customers.
In the past, youth culture centered on "Kiyosato" appeared but due to the deterioration of the economic situation, the number of customers decreased in a stroke. It is considered that the potential potential as a resort area will be improved by linking neighboring areas rather than attracting to only one area.

People gather at the summer ski resort

Ski resort is a facility to enjoy sports in winter. However, in the summer, customers will definitely go away. At Yatsugatake's "SUN-MEADOWS Ski Area", in order to revitalize the summer skiing grounds, we started the "Viking type regional natural food restaurant" in the restaurant at the foot of the mountain. In addition, we opened a new relaxation area "Kiyosato Terrace" near the summit of the ski resort to appeal the goodness of the landscape which is also a regional strength.

It was not thought that elderly people and disabled people who used wheelchairs so far go to the summit of the ski resort. This ski resort permanently installs a carriage for a wheelchair remodeled into a lift in the summer. It seems that the number of visitors has increased since we can reach the summit with the wheelchair on board.

 The smiling face of my daughter who was moved by the old parents' descending to the summit and overlooking the scenery was impressive. The resort strategy which made use of the regional strengths of "fresh natural food" and "place of relaxation for a superb view" seems to be quite innovative.

Furthermore, in addition to sports events such as the ski resort that can be enjoyed through the four seasons and the Nobeyama 100 km marathon, there are a fairy tale Kiyosato area, the Yatsugatake ranch where you can enjoy the spacious plateau, the Kiyosato Golf course with ruins of the Jomon period, Takenoi brewing making sake with flower yeast, and many hot spring facilities that heal tiredness are enriched. Furthermore, because the Yatsugatake mountain range with Akadake (altitude 2,899 m) as the center can enjoy climbing from beginners to advanced people, It will attract people as a compact resort area abundant in tourism resources making use of natural beauty.

The way of sightseeing strategy in the future

Companies are divided into various departments according to their roles.

In the past, it was important to achieve that role and goal, even if there was a barrier of information between departments. As far as customer information is concerned, its storage was done by each department.  It is natural that the customer correspondence of each department will also change if the content of customer information is different. However, if you share information by unifying customer information, each department will have to collaborate. Currently, the number of companies that organize around customers is increasing, so customer response has been greatly improved.

Perhaps the same thing can be said about sightseeing. Up until now, organizations and organizations were individually attracting tourists and tourists, so it was difficult to have them understand the merit of the whole area.

to have them understand the merit of the whole area. It can be said that individual services can be developed by focusing on improving the satisfaction of traveling to customers. We believe that we can fully demonstrate the attractiveness of the region by centering on customers and linking them around various areas utilizing the features and changing combinations.

I would like to expect new initiatives useful for society, innovative regional strategies, public relations activities.