Who is Google's customer?

Mechanism of Google Business

At a lecture meeting, there was a question that "Who are Google's customers?"
Google will provide consumer experiences and services. "Service" is invisible, ownership does not move, its impression will spring up later. Google provide in the form of experiences.

The organizations that support Google are the Revenue Creator and the Contents Creator. What is unique is that consumers and businesses with services will go to Google's backyard based on that experience and become a provider of funds and content. I thought about a model like a round table as a Google business model.

Reminder Symbol of Google Business Model

If we classify the shape of this round table as "center", "inner circumference" and "circumference", we can see the outer circumference as "parts", the inner circumference as "assembly" and the center as "distribution" . By constructing the mechanism of "making things" and "making event" like this, you will be able to use it as a similar business model by being conscious of the community. 

The reminder symbol is a "volcano". I think whether the volcano may erupt and create a new earth.